Brass Worm Gear Shaft

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Welcome to Dongguan CZPT Motion Machinery Co., Ltd, Our Worm Shaft has 15 years of experience in the machinery parts field based on our knowledge and our professional services, our CZPT are vendors for USA DIABASE, JAPAN NISHIGAKI, Germany Phoenix. Worm Shaft is one of our main products, we can do material in aluminum alloy, stainless steel, C45 steel, brass, plastic nylon… etc. Our Worm Shaft can be in line with ISO, and GB standards. We can produce different types of Worm Shaft, and we also accept OEM/ODM as per your requirements.
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Brass Worm Gear Shaft

Product Description


Brass Worm Gear Shaft

Module 0.5, 0.8, 1, 1.25, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6
Teeth Quantity 10-150 teeth or customized
Number of Starts 1, 2, or customized
Twisting Direction Left hand, right hand
Inner Bore 3-200mm H7 or customized
Teeth Width 5-200mm or customized
Outer Diameter, Hub Outside Diameter(mm) Customized
Material C45 steel, Stainless steel, Plastic, Iron, steel… etc
Advance Angle(°) 2°36′, 3°17′, 3°26′, 3°35′, 3°42′, 3°52′, 3°55′, 5°13′, 6°34′, 6°54′, 7°11′, 7°25′, 7°46′, 7°50′
Torsional Angle(°) 3°26′, 3°35′, 3°42′, 3°52′, 3°55′, 6°54′, 7°11′, 7°25′, 7°46′, 7°50′


Drawings & PicturesBrass Worm Gear Shaft

Brass Worm Gear Shaft


Brass Worm Gear Shaft

Worm shafts and their uses

Worm shafts have several advantages over standard gears. The worm is much smaller and can be placed anywhere on the gear. It can be used in many applications and requires less maintenance than standard gears. However, it is not suitable for heavy-duty applications as it is prone to wear and results in reduced motor efficiency. Therefore, worm shafts with high lubrication requirements should be avoided.

Worm shafts are usually made using worm gears, which provide high-speed gear reduction and fine adjustment. These gears do not move when the power is off. Therefore, they are very suitable for various applications. You can also choose from standard sizes or custom-designed assist systems. For more information, please contact the manufacturer in your area or download our free brochure. After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of worm shafts and their uses.

When designing a worm gear, you should consider many different factors. One of them is the size factor. This is important when choosing a worm gear, as a smaller worm gear may cause the worm to deflect more than the rest. You should also consider the bending angle of the pinion, which is a fundamental characteristic of geared motors. By knowing how the worm will deflect, you can choose the best teeth for your pinion.

Only the finest worm shaft for your transmission

If you need a worm shaft, it is available from CZPT. We process only the finest raw materials with our modern machines to always obtain the highest quality results. Drawing on our extensive expertise, we offer a range of worm shafts in standard sizes, but custom options are also available. In this case, we always take your wishes and needs into consideration to produce the perfect worm gear drive for your application. As with our worm gears, you can choose to purchase worm shafts in small or large quantities. Even buying a single axle is an option.

Worm Gears: features & benefits


High-precision worm gears for various transmissions
Small reference diameter allows compact design
High quality wear-resistant worm gear
Including tooth surface treatment
Also available as special rust-proof worm gear


High Precision Strong Wear-Resistant Compact Servo